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Landry Designs completed this dramatic makeover of an apartment leasing office lounge.

This space has a direct impact on the business. First, it’s viewed during the walking tour by potential residents. Second, it’s a frequently-used spot by existing residents who come in to relax and catch up on emails and social media. And third, the office staff love working in such beautiful surroundings and feel proud of their apartment community. It was a great business move to give this leasing office lounge a design lift!


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  • There were several challenges with this space:
  • Bland and unappealing first impression
  • Dated furniture, and not much of it
  • No cocktail table
  • Unattractive ceiling fan
  • Plain windows
  • Carpeted floor


“The name of this property is The Vineyards Apartments but, as a designer, I know how easily themes can be overdone, so I didn’t want to go down the “winery” path. The dramatic claret, tufted sofa, was my subtle reference to the name. I envisioned a comfortable, inviting space that would draw guests in, almost evoking the feeling of a lounge in a coffee bar.” -Lisa Landry

The Landry Designs team decided to go dark and dramatic for the walls with a dark chocolate tone because, hey, who doesn’t love wine and chocolate together? They accented with upholstery in charcoal velvet, which included pairs of chairs and ottoman poufs. The inclusion of the ottomans with their curved lines was key because most everything else in the space is linear. They don’t obscure the view of the room (or entry into it), they help create the “loungey” vibe, and they also provide additional seating. Great multi-taskers!

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The addition of reclaimed wood with ebony accents in the unique cutout chests flanking the sofa, along with the cocktail table in front of it, provide textural contrast, as well as the wheat-toned woven-wood shades topping the windows.

The pair of large-scale graphic paintings and the squat, white, modern lamps add to the clean symmetry of the space. A new ceiling fan (because we are in Texas with unbearably hot summers, after all!) and a mottled-gray porcelain tile on the floor update the upper and lower planes of the room.

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Balancing the dark walls with a light ceiling and floor, and then adding high-contrast accents throughout keeps the space inviting and eye-catching, while the geometric-print sofa pillows add punch.


Another happy client! The leasing agents say that current residents use this new lounge far more than they ever did, and that potential residents say that they can see themselves relaxing here frequently.

The agents themselves are so excited about the new look and say that they love coming to work in such beautiful surroundings every day!

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