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You spend a lot of time inside your house and want it to be comfortable and stylish. If you’re short on time or just don’t know where to start, an interior designer in Fort Worth or Dallas, TX is a great place to begin. Professional interior designers come with a multitude of benefits and their goal is to make sure your space turns out just the way you want it to. More than just a decorator, an interior designer should come equipped with recommendations, awards, and the right attitude.

Here are some tips for when you decide to search for an interior designer in the Dallas – Fort Worth area:

1. No-Charge Consultation

From the moment a designer walks into your home, you should feel comfortable that they are looking out for your best interests. A complimentary interior design consultation in Dallas – Fort Worth is typical; a professional designer wouldn’t do anything without an estimate and to make sure their services and offerings are a good match to your needs. Continuing through the design process, all prices should be transparent and clear, without any hidden fees.

2. Service on Your Schedule

Even beyond the initial interview, a designer’s job is to make it easy for their clients. Interior designers in Dallas – Fort Worth like Landry Designs will review samples and designs with you, to make sure you’ll like the way everything looks in your space, before any kind of commitment. This includes more than just large items; they can provide everything from wall art to accessories, area rugs, window treatments and bedding, to just about any other furnishings you can think of, including patio decorating, and even commercial projects. When you decide on the decor and specific items, a professional interior designer will only charge for those items, without additional fees for design services.

3. A Team of Designers

A good interior design firm has a whole team of designers! This gives you the opportunity to match with the best designer for your aesthetic and personality. Although any pro designer should have a spectrum of skills and tastes, it always helps to work with someone who “gets” your ideas and clicks with you to find just the right items for your spaces. Having a large team also ensures that more resources are available to you than firms with only one or two people–think higher purchase volume and more bargaining power, leading to lower prices for you!

4. Interior Decorator vs. Interior Designer

An interior decorator can handle all areas of interior furnishings, which is the most common request from clients. On the other hand, an interior designer can also help with architectural elements, such as cabinet design and wall removal. However, many times an interior decorator works alongside a remodeling contractor, so that clients are covered either way.

5. Reputation & Awards

Although every designer has to start somewhere, the best will have a solid existing portfolio, reputation and lots of awards to display. Landry Designs in Arlington, TX has won 34 international design awards judged by magazine editors from across the country, has had their work published nationally 28 times, and has even been voted “Best Interior Designer” by Living Magazine Readers 7 years in a row! Lisa Landry, the fearless leader of Landry Designs, started her firm in 1998, and is well-respected as an interior designer in Dallas – Fort Worth.

The bottom line is you should choose an experienced professional with a good portfolio, lots of happy clients, and someone who shares your aesthetic and goals for your home or business. Why choose an inexperienced designer when you can work with an experienced, friendly, professional, and established firm?

Get Started!

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