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We know how hard it can be for customers to pull everything together on their own. Our professional designers provide expert guidance on colors, materials, textures, finishes, furniture, floor plans and traffic paths to create your ideal space. We make it easy to begin the process of creating your dream space.

In this article, we’ll walk through the easy steps to working with Landry Designs.

The First Appointment

Our initial ‘Getting To Know You’ appointment is complimentary and typically lasts about an hour. We cover a lot of information on this “Getting to Know You” appointment, including:

  • Design Ideas
  • Priorities
  • Budget Ranges
  • Viewing “Before and Afters” in our portfolio to help get a sense of your style.

1. Getting to Know You: Your designer will sit and visit with you for a few minutes to get to know you a bit and discuss your priorities.

2. Tour & Portfolio Review: We’ll do a tour of your spaces to give your designer a sense of the architecture, the layout, any existing pieces you may want to work into your design, as well as any future decorating plans. Looking through our portfolio together allows you to see examples of our work, and your designer can see what styles and colors you’re drawn to.

3. Master Plan: At the end of the appointment, we’ll discuss a Master Plan, listing your priority projects first and then discussing your first project in depth. We’ll also discuss budget ranges for your first project, and set our next appointment to start working on it together.

Reach Out to Get Started

We will work together to create a design vision and budget plan that matches products with the look and feel that you desire.

For a free consultation, you can book online or call us at 817-835-3100.