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Stuck at home and realizing how dated your interiors are? We’re here for you!

During this time, we are pleased to offer interior design project consultations via a phone call with one of our designers using our easy 3-step process.

To set up your complimentary project consultation Visit our online booking form and fill in the minimal information requested. It’s super quick and easy.

Share your “before” photos with us via email: [email protected].

You and your designer can brainstorm ideas during your scheduled call.

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Once we begin working on your designs and have them ready to review with you, we are able to present them to you via a zoom call, an easy-to-use application that allows us to share our screen with you. We have been utilizing this technology for the past six months with our out-of-area clients, and it works great!


Together we can get through this downtime and come out with more beautiful interiors on the other side. Let’s do this!

Check out our portfolio to view our gallery of award-winning interior designs.

If you’re looking for more interior design ideas, ask Landry Designs to create interiors that set you apart. Our award winning interior design team has been published nationally 28 times and received 35 international design awards.