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Staging may be the key to selling your home for the price you’re asking for. You have the opportunity to optimize the appeal of your home while still allowing potential buyers the chance to envision putting their own personal touch on the property.

Check out our tips for helping buyers fall in love with your home.

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When selling a home, it’s smart to clean up and de-clutter. But there comes a point when a house can look too sterile and barren, especially in the kitchen. Potential buyers will find it difficult to visualize themselves living in a space if it looks vacant.

Rearrange Your Furniture

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Assess your spaces to see what the most inviting and airy furniture-placement options may be. Pulling some of the furniture away from the walls can assist with this.

Also, if you have space to create a “lounge”, everyone always loves these conversation areas.

What’s the First Impression?

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The entryway is the very first space buyers see upon entering your home. To create an inviting look, an alternative to a console is a foyer bench. This allows them to envision removing and putting on shoes there, using it as a storage area, or just enjoying it as a nice décor object. Upholstered pieces can also help alleviate echo from hard-surface flooring.

Need help staging your home to sell?

Landry Designs offers full-service staging for vacant and occupied homes. We have several package options available based on the list price of the home and the number of spaces you would like to stage.

All of our staging designs are created by our award-winning design team (versus staging-only specialists), so you get that “Landry Designs look” each and every time.


Our award winning interior design team has been published nationally 28 times and received 35 international design awards.

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