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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Landry Designs created this jaw-dropping rustic, industrial apartment leasing office. This space has a direct impact on the business for several reasons. First, it’s viewed during the walking tour by potential residents. Second, it’s a frequently-used spot by existing residents who come in to relax and catch up on emails and social media. And third, the office staff love working in such beautiful surroundings and feel proud of their apartment community. It was a wise business move to create a beautiful space!


This is the lounge and lobby of an apartment leasing office, so it is the first-impression space for potential residents, and also a frequently-seen spot for existing residents, as many come in to pay their bill, or to ask questions throughout the month. There were several challenges with this space:

  • Complete remodel of the space
  • Steel ceiling beams will remain
  • New bar area being constructed, need to select surface material
  • Need new flooring
  • High ceilings
  • Dark and dreary


The residents at this property are primarily young and active, so the goal was to create a fun, vibrant lobby and lounge (which is viewable from the fitness center) for them to enjoy

The Landry Designs team wanted to use a mural in the lobby and honed in on the vintage truck hood because it looks so great with the steel beams. We painted it silver, evoking the feel of railroad trestles. Finding the dramatic, graphic-print rug drove the color palette of marigold, cerulean, caviar, charcoal, rust and chrome.

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Lighting is art for the ceiling, and we had fun choosing the ones for these spaces. The dramatic “fireworks” chandeliers and chrome-shaded floor lamps in the lounge lend themselves to a fun, energetic, party atmosphere, perfect for viewing from the fitness center. And the bubbles chandelier in the lobby conjures an underwater oasis.

The selection of leather furniture and wood-planked tile flooring in the lounge and a marble-inspired porcelain tile floor in the lobby ensure durability and ease of maintenance, while the rustic feel of the stacked stone on the kitchen bar contrasts nicely with the chrome and brushed stainless accents.

The leasing agents tell us that they really enjoy working out of their newly-designed space and that the lounge has become the favorite spot for residents to hang out after their workouts, so it’s a good thing we chose wipe-able fabrics! They also shared that potential residents frequently comment on how “cool” the leasing office is, which is great for helping them decide to make this property their new home.

Bring The WOW Factor To Your Leasing Office

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