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One positive that came with COVID and lockdown was how much more time we got to spend in our homes. For many, our homes became a sanctuary and safe space as we navigated our way through the year that was 2020.

As we happily waved goodbye to 2020, many of us are welcoming fresh and modern design trends to breathe new life into our homes. These modern living space designs and trends embrace the post-covid era and celebrate our homes in new and different ways.

In this post, we take a closer look at our top 6 interior trends that have really caught our eye. From oldies (but goodies) being revived to new-found post-pandemic trends, we’re ready to be inspired by these new living space design concepts.

Our Top 6 Summer/Fall Design Trends for 2021

From modern living space design trends to classic revivals, we’re all kinds of excited for these 2021 Summer/Fall trends:

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1. Hello Cottagecore

Who doesn’t love the homey feel of a quaint cottage? Enter the Cottagecore trend. Taking its cue from a simpler, more rural way of life, Cottagecore celebrates the romanticism of an uncomplicated way of life. While many of us dialed back and discovered a new-found appreciation for jigsaw puzzles, gardening, and baking sourdough bread, this has also filtered through into interiors this season.

How to create this look? Think along the lines of nature-driven design trends that lend to cozy spaces with rustic touches – vintage and antique furniture, botanical and floral prints, plus lots of fresh and dried flowers.

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2. Curves in All the Right Places

Big in the fifties and sixties, soft curves and rounded shapes have made a significant comeback this season. These organic shapes are not only easy on the eye, but they also lend themselves to plush, comfortable spaces and inviting nooks. These gentle curves can be seen on anything from sofas and settees to rugs and cushions.

How to create this look? Forget cornered couches and coffee tables, and opt for the curved variety instead. Don’t want to swap your bigger furniture items? Choose artwork and rugs with bold curved graphics and designs.

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3. The Art of Display

With Zoom meetings a-plenty, our backgrounds have never seen so many prying eyes. So, in light of this, prominent walls are getting full makeovers from left to right. This has also prompted homeowners to display all kinds of finds that tell their family’s own story. Along with the usual photographs and artwork, look a little closer, and you’ll discover all kinds of troves and treasures atop shelves and cabinetry.

How to create this look? Fill your shelves with nature-inspired finds like sea-battered driftwood, chunks of coral, and dried pampas grass. Think travel trinkets, vintage perfume bottles, and paintbrushes too.

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4. Multi-purpose Flexible Spaces

As many of us continue to work remotely and keep our kids home from school, we may need to create pockets of clever and flexible spaces throughout our abode. For example, those living in smaller houses and apartments might need to double up living areas as homework stations.

How to create this look? Try to square off the different areas where you can with rugs, artwork, and plants. Remember to keep the color scheme neutral, so it works collectively with the space at large.

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5. Eco-Conscious Reigns

A trend that won’t be going away anytime soon, eco-conscious living has taken an even stronger stance following the pandemic. As we have become even more aware of the fragility and delicacy of our planet, earth-friendly and sustainable choices are even more paramount. And, we couldn’t be more on board!

How to create this look? Think about ways to refurbish old pieces rather than throwing them away. Also, choose earth-friendly products like cork and bamboo where possible. Remember, it’s not just about design but the household as a whole, so opt for non-toxic cleaning supplies, reduce your use of plastic, and recycle.

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6. Japandi Does It

We love a good blend of two or more trends, especially these two! As you might have guessed, Japandi is a combination of Scandi and Japanese styles. Here, the trend spotlights simple shapes, rattan, and natural materials such as weaves, wood, and raw stone. Plus, you’ll see plenty of earthy tones and more muted colors in a more minimalist approach.

How to create this look? Opt for a warmer white wall color as a base to work from and decorate your space with carefully curated pieces. Less is more with ceramic vases, monochromatic textures, woven baskets, and pendant lights.

Fresh & Modern Interior Design at Your Fingertips

So there you have it, six of our favorite Spring/Fall 2021 trends to inspire you. Need help breathing some new life into your space? Landry Designs offers award-winning full-service residential and commercial interior decorating. Together with our clients, we work closely with you to create truly beautiful spaces.

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