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Considering adding bold colors or patterns to your space? Check out these tips and tricks to get rooms that are vibrant, dramatic, and memorable.

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Let’s start off with a dramatic owner’s suite. This single female client requested a peaceful retreat to enjoy at the end of each day, but also wanted a sexy, boudoir vibe for her space.

Wrapping the room from top to bottom in neutrals provided a relaxing backdrop, while the addition of the Caribbean blue upholstered headboard and platform bed added a punch of color to amp up the high-style look.

Layering in pattern takes it to the next level. Channel-quilting on the headboard, metallic grasscloth on the bed wall, golden dandelion-print wallcovering on the ceiling, a lynx-printed rug, patterned fur throw, and carved-wood chandelier all create visually-stunning textures in the space.

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Color not only brightens your interiors, but is also proven to impact your mood. If you’re up for going bold, consider incorporating unique, saturated colors into your project. From blush pinks to emerald greens, these arresting hues are sure to take your space to the next level.

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Extend your living space with a fully-designed patio. We can help you design the perfect space for outdoor entertaining.

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We love this dramatic and sophisticated lounge. Who wouldn’t want to hang out here? So stunning!


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