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With the fall season upon us, do you perhaps think it’s time to refresh your living space? What better time than the season of change. We’re here to encourage you to take the step. It’s time to modernize and optimize your current livable space and create a simpler, more relaxing home environment.

An excellent way to do this is to try and increase your space at home; this is the best step towards making a house feel spacious, welcoming, and modern. Our lives are busy and frantic most of the time, which is why it is essential to ensure our homes evoke a sense of calm and help us recharge.

In this post, we look at the 2021 Fall Modern Living Space Design tips on maximizing space in the main areas of your home and some simple tricks on modernizing your home.

How to Maximize Your Livable Space


Your entryway: Whether you have a lovely spacious entrance to your home or a smaller space, there’s always something you can do to make this area welcoming and functional. Pop a bench or table in a larger space for storing shoes underneath and placing school backpacks. Of course, a coat stand or wall-mounted hooks can do the trick in smaller areas, along with nice shelving for mail, keys, and maybe even a few potted plants.

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Your kitchen: The home’s central hub is often busy and can be cluttered or messy. Here’s your chance to make a significant change toward a more manageable and simple living space in your home. Maximize space wherever you can. Use vertical storage shelves in your pantry, drawer organizers for cutlery, and as many of the same storage containers to give a calm and ordered style to your counters and cabinets. Install overhead pot and pan storage to free up your counter and cupboard spaces for those with smaller rooms.

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Your Bathroom: Just because a bathroom is functional, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make an effort to make it a modern and functional space. First off, assess who uses the bathroom and organize the storage, shelving, and appliances to suit the user. Having specific containers and storage bins to store all your goodies will help keep things manageable and neat in a bathroom hosting many family members.

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The Living Areas: Often strewn with all sorts of things, from magazines and toys to coffee mugs and electronics, our living rooms get messy in no time at all. Friends pop in, families settle down to watch TV together, and pets join in too. To keep your living area tidy and free up some space, get creative with multifunctional pieces. For example, an ottoman that holds your video game and TV remotes and accessories, a coffee table with drawers for magazines and books, and even lovely wicker baskets to hold toys that need to be tidied up quickly.


The Kids’ Rooms: If you have large bedrooms for your children, you can have fun creating functional zones for playing, sleeping, and homework time. Having these separate areas makes keeping things organized a lot easier. If you have a smaller space to work with, it all comes down to clever storage. Be it shelving, under the bed storage, or toy bins and bulletin boards. The less clutter, the better.

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Your Bedroom: We know you want your bedroom to be your haven—a place to escape the busyness of your day-to-day and to destress. Start by decluttering. Maximize your closet space, purge all clothing items you haven’t used in a year, and invest in closet organizers for your accessories and shoes. Free up your space as much as you can, and add cozy extras like a chair you’d want to curl up and read in and blankets to keep you warm.

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Your Home Office: A relatively new addition to most homes these days is the home office. There are many ways to add your work area to the corner of your living room or bedroom in an attractive way, and not take up too much space. Use floating shelves, a gorgeous chair, and a small desk with simple organizers for your items to make this area look great in the middle of your home. If you’re lucky enough to have your very own office, well, the same advice works. Keep things neat and clutter-free by using innovative storage devices.

Your Laundry Room: Yes, having a gorgeous and functional laundry room is quite the thing these days. If you can, have a space for folding and ironing, shelving for your detergents and equipment, and even a hanging area for your laundered clothes or rainy days. And it can double up as a place to add some storage for those extra things in your house, like craft supplies, seasonal linens, and even some DIY items. Don’t skimp on the design; hang art, repaint the walls, and make it look stylish like the rest of your home.

Simple Fall Modern Living Space Design Tricks for Modernizing Your Space

  • Add windows: Older homes always have fewer windows, so an easy way to modernize your home is simply adding more windows. There is nothing like allowing natural light to pour into your home to give it a contemporary feel.
  • Floating shelves: By lifting fixtures off the floor you quickly declutter your space. So get rid of those old bookcases and shelves and install floating shelves instead. This will help streamline your space too.
  • New furniture: If the budget allows, update your home with fresh and uncomplicated furniture pieces. Sometimes even just updating your old furniture with a coat of paint or new upholstery can do the trick too. So get creative.
  • Wall art: Add art that you love to look at, big panel pieces or a grouping of smaller photographs, whatever makes you smile. It can add a great personal touch or pop of color. Remember to keep things stylish in how you arrange them on your wall and the frames you choose. While we’re on walls, adding a minimalistic clock or a mirror is a great modern design tool too.
  • Minimize the TV: Gone are the days of giving your TV pride of place in the center of the room. Instead, send it to the corner of your room or mount it on your wall to get it off a central TV stand.

By including these simple space design concepts into your fall refresh, you can get a whole new look without renovating your home. Fresh & Modern Home Design starts with clever storage and ensuring functionality reigns.

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