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Have you ever felt frustrated with having a home that’s not decorated the way you’d like? Do you have high ceilings that make it even more challenging? Well, the Landry Designs team took this dining room with 20’ ceilings from blah, bland, and uninviting to modern, stunning and ready for a dinner party. If you’d like to hear how, just keep reading, and possibly even find your own inspiration!


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This dining room has extremely high ceilings, and the existing furnishings brought to mind “doll-house furniture” in relation to the overall space. The homeowners wanted to keep their dining table and their unique, cherry-red china cabinet but were open to freshening up everything else. There were several challenges with the “before” space:

  • 20’ tall ceilings make the furniture seem out of scale
  • The room has a lot of echo and doesn’t feel inviting
  • The walls are bland
  • Great natural light, but everything appears washed out
  • Lack of good lighting over table due to existing ceiling fan and no chandelier
  • Table and chairs are all the same color, so they visually “read” as one unit
  • Stairwell visible from dining room needs to be addressed


First Impressions

This dining room is the first thing you see when you enter this home, and first impressions really do count! The homeowners love modern design, as well as color, so the Landry Designs team incorporated geometric shapes and color-blocking to create drama. The existing red china cabinet influenced the color palette of primary colors (red, yellow, blue) with accents in black and white, which allow the eye to rest.

Dark Flooring

The golden-stained wood just didn’t lend itself to the modern design, so the Landry Designs team recommended a change. The floor was sanded and restained espresso, to create a sleek, modern feel. Be careful with this if you have light-colored pets that shed, though!

Ebony Walls

The next step was to visually “wrap” a dark color up onto the accent wall behind the cabinet with a flat-finish paint, and here we used the Sherwin Williams color “Caviar”. This gave us a great backdrop for wall art, and also for the rectangle-shaped chandelier made up of hundreds of small crystal loops. Such an improvement over that utilitarian-looking ceiling fan mounted high in the sky!

Adding the WOW factor

For pattern and drama, the addition of the chevron-print rug in black, white and gray contrasts with the dark floor to create a bit of visual movement in the room. And the white chairs with cutout-backs stand out nicely against the dark table. The addition of high-drama abstract art in the stairwell, along with a second chandelier in a fireworks shape, helps to make that area feel like an extension of the dining room while drawing your eye up to appreciate the architecture.

Bright Accents

Finishing touches of canary-yellow vases, brushed nickel accents, and a pair of lipstick-red swivel lounge chairs in the next room create a fun, lively vibe for entertaining.

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”The homeowners had never worked with a professional decorator before, so they were putting a lot of trust in our team to help them realize their dream of a newly-designed home. ”

-Lisa Landry

The Big Reveal!

Their response during the Big Reveal was priceless. As they came through the front door, with their eyes closed, and then opened them to see this dramatic room, they were so excited about their unique new dining area and stairwell. Lots of, “Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh!” ensued, along with bouncing and laughing. Yep, that’s why we do what we do. Big Reveal Day is our very favorite part.

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